How Do Digi Video Photobooks Work?

Digi is an amazing new type of photo book that comes printed, loaded, and shipped straight to your door from our factories right here in United States. Delight friends and loved ones with this incredibly-personalized photo album with video — something they've never even imagined possible! 

It's true. The future of the photo album is here! We're grateful for all the early support and feedback as we pioneer a new era of more personal and engaging gift-giving — with photo albums that feel like the good old days (but hand-built around a stunning HD video screen)!

Digi Photobook Inside

The best part: every Digi Photo Book comes complete with a USB Archive to store digital copies of all the photos and video you upload.  

Digi wedding photo collage and media archive
The Original Video Photobook


It's quick and easy to begin your order right from your smartphone. 

We've made creating photo books so simple. 

If you’ve ever created a photo book on platforms like Walgreens, Shutterfly, or Snapfish, you’ll be right at home with Digi Photobooks! It’s a great gift for  brides, graduates, grandparents, and families to keep their favorite memories within reach every day. The process is easy!

  • Order one or more Digi Photobooks here on our secure online store and we'll email you simple instructions and a link to customize your Digi via our easy-to-use uploader (right from your phone, tablet or computer). 
  • Personalize your photobook front cover with a favorite portrait or photo, select a photo for the inside cover, and choose what photos or video you want to playback on the incredible 7 inch HD screen. It's that easy!
  • Once your preferences are confirmed via email, our American factory workers immediately get to work printing, loading, binding, and packaging up your fully-personalized Digi to ship straight to your door — FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED

We like to say: if you or loved ones can have photos printed at Walgreens, you can create an amazing video photobook!



Digi Photo Book ColorsDigi Photobook Stack of Colors

Select from five popular colors. Every Digi comes bound in beautiful vegan leather that feels soft and luxurious just like a traditional high-end family photo album.


Digi’s are available in two distinct cover styles —Photographic cover and Laser Etched cover. Both are built in the United States to your exact preferences. 8 ½ wide and 8 ½ inches tall — our video photo albums are a substantial gift that feel weighty in your hands. Our research shows that this size best emulates the vintage photo album experience we all expect and love while making Digi a perfect fit on your shelf or coffee table.

Digi Photobook Cover Options


After you purchase, you will be prompted via email to upload photos and video, choose your favorite photo for the cover, and personalize your inside photo & message.

Don't yet know what to create or whom to send a Digi? Don't worry! You have a FULL YEAR TO DECIDE how to personalize your purchase. 

Closeup of Digi PHotobook Screen

Send photo albums with video to your loved ones for every special occasion — they play right out of the box!

Amaze family and colleagues when photos and videos play instantly on the HD screen in rich stereo sound right when they open it! 

Remember, each Digi photo album comes with a high-capacity flash drive — your convenient digital Archive to hold the entire album of photos and videos you upload.

  • Never dig through boxes of old photos or files on a computer.
  • Never thumb through your phone to find the album to share with your family and friends.
  • Your personal photo & video archive is in your hands, right on your coffee table, or within reach on your bookshelf.
  • Every Digi comes fully-charged with a USB charging cable tucked neatly inside so you never have to look for it. Enjoy nearly two hours of playback on a single charge.


The Digi team is actively forging partnerships and connections with existing photo gift providers. Contact us at (888) 609-8889 to learn more. We will soon integrate with existing IOS, Android and social media platforms to make it even easier to send beautiful photo albums as gifts — just like the good old days.

Join us! We're investing in partnerships and inventing new ways to enjoy photo albums with HD video screens and beautiful stereo sound. Your purchases, feedback and 5-star reviews mean the world to us as we spread the word about this amazing new way to share moving moments during such difficult times for our world.